1. Voices In My Head EP (Incl. Rebar Remix) - MOC019
    Markus Suckut

  2. Differences EP (Incl. El Choop Remix) - MOCD012

  3. Just Tools Of Us EP (Incl. Andre Kronert Remix) - MOCD011

  4. Special Interests EP (Incl. Brothers Black Remix) - MOCD010
    Oliver Deutschmann

  5. Batch Plant Vol. 5, compiled by Rebar - MOCBP005
    Various Artists

  6. Fracture EP (Incl. MTD Remix) - MOCD009
    Toni Dextor

  7. Missing Hours EP (Incl. Kaiser Remix) - MOCD008

  8. Roberto Clementi - Plebiscite EP (Incl. BNJMN Remix) - MOC018
    Roberto Clementi

  9. Lost In New York City - REBAR002

  10. Second EP (Incl. Alek S Remix) - MOCD007

  11. Lost In Tokyo EP - REBAR001

  12. Exhale EP (Incl. CYRK Remix) - MOCD006

  13. Techno Tools - Package
    Various Artists

  14. Dub Techno - Package
    Various Artists

  15. Alek S Artist - Package
    Alek S

  16. Something Special - Package
    Various Artists

  17. It's A New Year - Package
    Various Artists

  18. Definition EP (Incl. S-File & Marco Bruno Remixes) - MOCD005
    Toni Dextor

  19. Confused EP (Incl. Brothers Black Remix) - MOCD004

  20. Debris EP (Incl. Johannes Volk Remix) - MOC017

  21. Hidden Truth EP (Incl. Rebar Remix) - MOCD003
    Marco Bruno

  22. Neverending EP (Incl. Roberto Clementi Remix) - MOC016
    Alek S

  23. Batch Plant Vol. 4, compiled by Danny Kotz - MOCBP004
    Various Artists

  24. Bystander Effect EP (Incl. Kaiser Remix) - MOCD002
    Francesco Belfiore

  25. Batch Plant Vol. 3, compiled by Rebar - MOCBP003
    Various Artists

  26. Walking Through Concrete EP (Incl. Aubrey Remix) - MOC014
    Myles Sergé

  27. Batch Plant Vol. 2, compiled by Alek S - MOCBP002
    Various Artists

  28. Hansaprohlis EP (Incl. Alex Bau & Coeter Remixes) - MOC013

  29. Sottotono EP (Incl. Danny Kotz Remix) - MOCD001

  30. Paradise Lost EP (Incl. Andrés Zacco Remix) - MOC012
    Alek S

  31. Batch Plant Vol. 1, compiled by Dudley Strangeways - MOCBP001
    Various Artists

  32. Reject EP (Incl. Myles Sergé Remix) - MOC011
    Danny Kotz & Avi Caspi

  33. High Tension EP (Incl. Gathaspar Remix) - MOC010
    Reformed Society

  34. FMA EP - MOC009
    Dudley Strangeways & Michael McLardy

  35. Portland EP - MOC008

  36. 1 Year made of CONCRETE - MOC007
    Andreas Pionty & fumée grise

  37. The Kickomat EP (Incl. Daniel Stefanik Remix) - MOC006
    Steven Cock

  38. Irrational Beat Up EP - MOC005
    Homeless House

  39. It’s All Good EP (Incl. Myles Sergé Remix) - MOC004
    Alek S

  40. Gathsoland EP (Incl. Echologist collaboration) - MOC003

  41. Hold It Down EP (Incl. Ashworth Remixes) - MOC002
    Dudley Strangeways

  42. Fusion EP - MOC001
    Steven Cock


made of CONCRETE Germany

"made of CONCRETE" is a record label run by Rebar, a Berlin- and Dresden-based DJ & producer duo.

”made of CONCRETE” is a platform for records shaped by the aesthetic of Techno, House, Ambient and Experimental music.

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